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Date:3/03/03 - Updated IDIO-irc

  • At this point, fixed MODES, so that client can take on any number of MODe happeninings
  • irccolor is fully functional and executing correctly
  • private messages implemented
  • opping ranking and etc is fixed and extras were added
  • quit messages show ppl who quit in a certain channel
  • many minor bugs fixed
  • options dialog added gui is simple for new users (screenshots next week on release)
  • user can customize VERSION information :) for CTCP
  • change nick with gui

Todo List:

  • add fserv
  • add download utility to help newbies download off fservs by using complete gui features like a browsing functionality in an Operating System
  • make download utility be able to figure out what fserv is what and do etc...
  • add more advanced features :) i.e. gui opping, moding, slapping
  • make good architecture for DCC chats
  • add organization on main form for PM,DCC chats, Fservs and channels ( basically main control form) and other options in the options dialog


Date:2/17/03 - Screenshots of IDIo-irc

Currently screenshots of idioirc have been made:

Current Features:

  • simple n00b ranking system
  • GUI for chat messaging (no private messaging features)
  • a raw data viewer
  • simple join channel gui
  • clean "/list" gui
  • supports color in text
  • topic color support
  • save channel or chat messages
  • more ....

Screenshots are as below:

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