NINU: NOIR is NOT Useless


What is NOIR? It is an evolving protocol framework that functions as an all-around generic parser for file formats and for network protocol. It reads in a data file in a special format (NOIR), and with that it creates a Noir object, which can parse the data and store it in an organized manner, send data through high level methods like in Smack does with jabber, and also provide some minimal, yet useful documentation for a format in the same NOIR file. It can also automatically tell you what commands you receive and also tell you the data you want to know.

It is extremely easy to use, so now, ifyou want to write a client, you know longer need to hardcode your parser, just use NOIR as your universal parsing utility to solve enable developers to write code more efficiently. I mean, who wants to spend time writing a parser, which may take a lot of time, and only serves as a means of transport, when the actual important code is the actual 'doing' part of the code. It acts as an object and a library, so you can create multiple instances to convert between different protocols and file formats and so forth.

An Analogy ( remember the good ol' SAT dayz)

NOIR : Protocol :: YACC : language

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Uses for NOIR:

Simply put, it makes writing format loaders almost trivial, and the framework is reliable and easy to understand because it uses nodes and node trees as a basis for format.

Things I have done with NOIR:

The following was created before 3/03/03. It still works, just it's not up-to-date with the newest libraries. In general, the samples should explain how easy it is. Look at the 24-bit Bitmap Loader, that was essentially written in one screen of code!

  • Written conversion program to convert from one data script file to another. Raw text to SSA (Substation Alpha Scripts)

  • Written several clones and servers with it. below


  • DC client can do most things cept the Peer to Peer protocol is very tricky and thus I can't seam to impelement downloading because of this. If someone can provide source code or protocol data sheet that works, I will add it on demand.

  • old hotline client. - uses old NOIR requires a conversion of the NOIR file not even close to fully functional

  • Irc client (coming) -Aims to include a USEFUL fileserv, and a downloading utility to help newbies surf other ppls fservs. Will also add a vbscript/javascript control for dynamic changing an evaluation of code in the feature for potenial scripting. Status :Currently implementing fserv and dcc stuff - look in News for more info

  • If you would like to play with them and don't understand please contact me to clarify the usage. I am currently writing an IRC client that will however be finished.

Current Projects:

  • Direct Connect Client improvement

  • IRC client AKA IdioIRC ( MAC and WIN versions) I just want to take IRCLE off of the lists it's a horrible client

  • Vb2Java converter ( currently rebuilding base)

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